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Robert Ragland

Very happy with their philosophy and training. Their relaxed approach makes it very easy to adjust. Fun place to work. Great management. Great training for new beginners. Good support staff. Management always working to keep agents informed and make available many useful working tools. Strong corporate leadership with regular training meetings. Open houses are strongly encouraged and all signage is provided. They are welcoming, attentive and fair. Would definitely recommend them to a friend. Strong corporate leadership with regular training meetings. Open houses are strongly encouraged and all signage is provided.

Susan Thomas

Working for Weichert Realtors, Ray Covington, Inc since 2005 has been wonderful! Getting my real estate license after teaching for 28 years was exciting but I had so much to learn. Ray Covington and his team at Weichert gave me all the instruction and training I needed to be successful in the business plus LOTS of encouragement along the way. My Broker was never more than a phone call away to help me with any question I might have. I simply cannot say enough about the amazing work environment at Weichert Realtors, Ray Covington, Inc! We are more like a family of agents cheering everyone on to success!!

Frankie McDuffie

After receiving my realtor license, I interviewed with several big companies, and was about to make a decision on one, when I was told about Weichert from a fellow realtor that worked there as well. I decided to make Weichert my last interview and then make my decision contingent upon how that went. Needless to say I am a Weichert Realtor at Ray Covington brokerage, and I love being apart of this family oriented atmosphere. Our Weichert Wednesdays are informative and I enjoy the training that we receive from them, as well as how the team helps each other. I can say with pride I Frankie Mcduffie am your Weichert Realtor, Ray Covington Inc..

Bobbi Labrecque

I met Ray at an agent open house and I was instantly impressed with Weichert & his brokerage. Ray was so friendly, kind and helpful to me. I was also lucky enough to be able to have transactions with Trey over the years, and they were all easy and he was delight to work with and a very professional Broker.The one thing that really struck and stuck with me about both Ray and Trey is that they never tried to be pushy and get my business or try to get me to come work for their brokerage.  However; 5 years later I was struggling to find not just a real estate firm but a family with agents and a great support staff and when I walked into Weichert I truly felt at home. The office is not “cut throat” everyone tries their hardest to support and help each other! My business has grown, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t make this move years ago when I first met Ray. If you are looking to grow your business, become a better agent, and love coming to work everyday this is the place you need to be. 

  • Affiliated with one of the nation’s best-known brands: WEICHERT, REALTORS® The nation’s largest privately owned provider of real estate and home-ownership services
  • State-of-the-art offices
  • More high-quality leads than any other Real Estate company in the nation
  • Comprehensive professional development programs for all levels of experience
  • An integrated suite of contact management tools enabling you to instantly engage your leads, nurturing and motivating your customers to stay connected until they’re ready to buy or sell
  • Experienced and professional Administrative and Branch Management staff providing the best support in the industry
  • Personalized marketing strategies and services along with extensive local, national and international media coverage
  • Advanced e-mail marketing campaign to promote your listings to over 40,000+ Realtors
  • Weichert® University - 24/7 comprehensive E-Learning courses covering the industry’s best practices
  • Weichert® Relocation Resources; the world’s leading full-service global relocation and assignment management firm

Since 1969, Weichert, Realtors® has grown from a single office into one of the nation’s leading providers of homeownership services by putting its customers first. A family of full-service real estate and financial services companies, Weichert® helps customers buy and sell both residential and commercial real estate. Currently, Weichert’s independently owned and operated affiliates serve more than 230 markets in 35 states. One-stop shopping, relocation outreach, top Internet presence, agent training and direct leads to agents contribute to the Weichert® reputation.

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